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Yolo County History Museum

Woodland, CA

Investigation:  March 4, 2006

Present:  Dave, Mike, Ann, Museum Director, Charlotte, and Patricia filming for California Haunts

Information that prompted investigation:

Over the years the public have whispered that the Gibson house was haunted.  It sat abandoned from 1963 to 1975 until the Historical Society renovated the home and turned it into a museum. People reported that strange things show up in photographs taken of the dresses here.

The Investigation:

The team arrived at 4:00 pm and began out walk through.  Ann interviewed the museum’s curator. She instructed us that nothing could be touched.  Four camcorders were used to film.  We documented the investigators finding cold spots in the back room, piano room, and upstairs rear bedroom.  Ann, who is sensitive (but prefers the scientific approach) was struck by three names in the home.  Those were:  Isabelle, Joseph Sr., and Joseph Jr. 

Since this is a museum, there are mannequins all over the upstairs.  They repeatedly startled each member of the team. In the upstairs rear bedroom Ann found elevated EMF readings.  Photography was difficult due to power drain and several blurry pictures.  The temperature was 10 degrees lower here than any other room.  Ann felt the presence of a woman here and likely passed away in this room.  In the bathroom doorway, Ann sensed Joseph Jr.  A later EVP session here did not reveal anything. 

In the front bedroom the man of the home, Joseph Sr. seemed to be watching over his family.  EMF, temperature, and

photographs did not demonstrate anything out of normal.  Three different cameras displayed bright, still, and moving "orbs" in the above locations. At times the photography coincided with the “cold spots” and investigators (Dave and Ann) being present.  The temperature in these “cold spots” varied 4-10 degrees.  

The EMF of most of the house was a base of 0.0 to 0.4. The base of the upstairs rear bedroom was 0.5 to 0.7. Wiring was located in the floor and walls, but found to elevate the same as all the other bedrooms upstairs.  In mid-air, to the side of the bed, an elevated area ranged from 1.7 to 2.2.  This was a long tubular section that began at the pillow and ran to the foot of the bed.  Photographs revealed a very small, dim orb on two different cameras.   Also, in the bedroom, a sickly odor was experienced by everybody present.  The team stepped out of the home for a break because the odor was so strong. 

As the evening progressed, the team experienced more temperature variances and sudden battery fluctuations.  Around 8:00 pm in the dining and living area a cold spot zipped around everyone.  Various illuminations and sized orbs appear in photographs.  The temperature in these

areas was about 4-10 degrees cooler.

While many "orbs" are easily discounted as dust.  The movement of bright orbs that coincided with a cold breeze are of note.  Also, the strange odor that came and went without a cause is of note.

Also investigated was the barn behind the home.  The above and image of Dave are from that barn.


Below are three different audio clips that have been enhanced to be able to hear the EVP's in the sub-human and super-human hearing range.

This ladies voice came from the upstairs bathroom.  It is well above human range of hearing.

This man's voice was heard as he spoke in the kitchen.  Once analysed, he seems to answer us, saying, "I'm Here".

This chain sound was not made by any investigator.  It could be classified as an AVP, since it was heard at the time of investigation.

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