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Armstrong Alge Building

604-606 Main St.

Woodland, CA

The owner of this building originally contacted Dave and Ann to take a look at what was happening in the upstairs during his attempted restoration.  Ed warned us about the heavy smell of bat guano.  He also said it was a time capsule.  Never before had we been able to experience a true 1950's residence left as it was.  It did NOT disappoint us.

That would be 1896 in the '96 news article above.  To the right is a bat skeleton.

The occupant/s here just prior to the police raid and closure smoked just a tad.

Ed Shelley is a very charismatic man as a City of Woodland representative.  His wealth of knowledge for the town, the great fire, and the prior use of many buildings helped put many pieces of this site's puzzle.  Yet there are so many unanswered questions.  This is an active investigation for us, and probably will remain open.

There is an uncommon amount of activity in every section of this location.  So much so, that if you visit, bring extra batteries and leave them outside in your vehicle.  That includes television camera's!  Even the huge batteries that last a reporter 1-2 weeks have been drained while live on the air.  Mic's used to communicate with producers have acted beyond bizarrely, causing missed cues.  Dave and Ann have offered limited tours to the public, but with a caution to any the attend.

Above is a letter that Ann Found to a Mr. L Brooks at the River Farms Co. from Aug. 19, 1948.  He seems to be the primary spirit here.

To the left is the Fox 40 news camera that kept loosing it's fully charged battery power!

Coming Soon - Audio of class A EVPs from Mr. Brooks room and newly uncovered historical research !

March 14th:  New member training !

Our new family members will have their nerves tested here.  They will learn how to remain calm around very intense, unexplained phenomena.  This is ultra important when helping families deal with paranormal events.

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