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Woodland Opera House

Woodland, CA

We have had the pleasure to hold ghost tours, ghost education classes, and multiple investigations at the Opera House.

Dave and Ann were the first to investigate this location overnight. The first overnight investigation was significant because due to tragedy in the opera house. A huge insurance policy had to be obtained for liability reasons. Thanks to two film students, Kane and Jeremy, the investigation went very smoothly.

Our most compelling paranormal evidence comes from this location. The Opera House is most active around the opening day of a new play, any rehearsal, and the night following a performance.

Notice that if you draw a line from the front of the leg that it does not sit where a real leg should be located?

This image was inverted for further analysis.

This is the original image from a series of three taken on a tripod, without a flash.  A person stood on each side of me and did not see what I saw, but was able to photograph.

Why were we asked to investigate:

This was to investigate multiple reports over years of footsteps being heard, voices, and apparitions seen.  A piano  moved across the floor by itself.  Various photographs at times show an appearance of snow inside.  There is a history of injuries in the theater.   Also, a fireman, Mr. Porter, died here in a fire that destroyed much of the original building.

Each investigation done, demonstrated a distinctive blue/purple apparition to large orb in the same locations.  In these locations, many of the actors have had unexplained electrical issues around the time of a performance.

The Investigation:

The team arrived at 12:30 pm and set up our equipment.  While they stopped at the door to get our equipment ready, something blue caught Ann's attention.  Nobody had entered auditorium yet.  After reviewing her photographs, an apparition of a woman is seen.  

Dave directed the team to precede two the second floor.  At the stairwell (and throughout the investigation) several members became nauseated when going upstairs and upstairs.  An investigator sat next to a piano and began to make a connection with a lady performer from the early 1900’s.  At 1:00 pm while filming, an object of unknown origin hit, bounced, and rolled on the wooden floor next to Ann's right side. There was nothing found after the team searched for what sounded like a bead.  Photographs at this time gave the appearance of snow.  Also during this time, five different people with different cameras and video recorders attempted to take photographs standing next to the piano.  Each image turned out blurry.  It did not matter the direction of the picture attempt.  After eight pictures, one image was obtained. Feeling very drained, the team took a break. 


Ann went downstairs and ventured backstage.  When she found the stairs to the basement and felt something almost push her down the stairs.  She found the picture of the fireman, Mr. William Porter, killed in 1892.  She explored the dressing rooms and began feeling a strange cold spot jet past her.  Upon returning from break, the team joined up and they experienced the odd cold sphere as well.  Photographs revealed something moving around the whole group near the floor.  During the EVP session nothing was found.  EMF spiked to 3.4 at the bottom and middle stairwell.  While noting this Ann became very nauseated and overheated.

Upstairs a video camera was set up in total darkness aimed at a motion sensor that lights up.   Nothing disturbed the sensor on film.  After a break, Ann went upstairs for an EVP session.  As she attempted to begin the session the recorder turned itself off repeatedly.  During the session, Ann asked, “How many of you are there here?”  On the recorder below human range, “Many” is heard in a woman’s accented voice.

Meanwhile, up in the balcony, another investigator asked, “Will you show yourself for us?” Upon review of the photograph, we found a brilliant orange light.  It was not there on the subsequent photographs.

By this time the investigation is near its end. The team moved downstairs to the main auditorium. In walking down the stairs another very large cold area stopped us. EMF was elevated to 2.2. Ann continued to the auditorium. The entire team met up there. At the beginning of the session every person present felt as if they were being watched. None

could elaborate about the unusual feeling. Photographs demonstrated many orbs, some in motion. Some of the orbs were green, blue, orange, white, and even a red one. During the EVP session, an investigator asked,”Was the fire an accident?” On EVP, “No it wasn’t” is heard by a males voice. EMF was steady at 0.0 – 0.2.

The team wrapped up at 3:30 pm. The results were presented on April 15, 2006 to the theater manager, Jeff.

Woodland Opera House EVP's

The answer to:  " Was the fire an accident?"

To the question: "How many of your are here?"

A sound well above human range in the upstairs balcony.

Another sound upstairs with no known cause and out of human range.

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