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Cary House Hotel

Placerville, CA

Dave and Ann were invited to walk through the Cary House as part of a Mt. Democrat article in 2012, "California Haunts Checks out Cary House".  

Investigation:  Aug. 14th, 2021

Team Present:  Dave, Ann, Ally, Dorrine, Jeromee, Destinee, Rina, Jen, Erin, Gina, and Robert.

This investigation was planned as a training with no expectations.  However, the activity the entire team encountered was beyond impressive!

The team began the evening by gathering the conference room for instructions.  Ann talked with the desk clerk out front and learned that we had a request for help as well.  There had been new activity in the past month.  This all centered in the hotel kitchen and was unlike anything previous over the years.  Glasses were heard breaking or tipped at "off" angles.  Other dishes were broken and/or moved.  With this being a new event, the staff were uneasy with what was goin on.

The hotel is three stories with a full basement.  The team divided up into teams, starting on each level.   Almost immediately, battery drain on fresh batteries was a problem. And Ally, while normally curious without fear, could not handle remaining in the basement rear, near the old tunnels.  Multiple unusual events happened in this location.

Our investigation continued with the Kinetic SLS, REM Pod, Geo-senser, FLIR, motion camera - "Big Foot", and more.

Jeromee was in charge of the FLIR.  While scanning the visibly vacant seats in the lobby, he found a distinct heat signature on the sofa at the base of the stairs.

Dave demonstrated the use of various equipment to our new members.  And how we can always come up with new ways to use tools.

This is the spot where Ann saw a figure dressed in a long whitish gown moving down the steps and vanished.

In the kitchen, the team heard the clinking of plates when outside the room. 

EMF measurements displayed unusual mid-air "spots" of fast, fluctuating spikes along with cold bursts.

The Kinetic SLS camera and FLIR did not display anything abnormal. 

The last portion of the investigation was conducted in the basement.  Immediate battery drain was a problem here all evening.  The motion camera also had been active taking pictures with no person visible.  A shadow in the corner of the room were no person was present on Big Foot.  As soon as the EVP recorders were turned on, a woman's voice was heard behind the team in the same location as the shadow.  The session was conducted at the convergence of the historic tunnels below the hotel.  The team agreed on one emotion.  It felt like we were standing in the middle of a very busy city sidewalk.

Coming Soon  !

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