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Private Residence

Pollock Pines, CA

Location:  Pollock Pines, CA

Members Present:  Dave, Ann, and API team

Ann sits and interviews the potential client prior to the investigation day. 


To the right is an object that made a curious "V".

Area History:   Pollock Pines is small community located about 15 miles from Placerville, CA.  Originally, the Pollock Pines area may have served as a Native American summer camp or possibly as a meeting place to trade and barter with others.  The discovery of gold by James Marshall in nearby Coloma in 1848 brought many people to the area.  About 1909, Land developer Hiram Robert Pollock moved with his wife, Anna and son Claude Earl to the area.   He owned and operated a lumber mill near Sly Park until the early 1930's, when it was destroyed by fire. In the mid-1930's, Pollock subdivided a plot of land on either side of old Highway 50.  The subdivision was called Pollack Pines and the homes built there were used

primarily as summer homes.  Pollock Pines is best known for the Sportsman’s Hall, which was a home stop on the Pony Express route.  The Inn was owned and operated in the late 1850's and 1860's by John and

James Blair.  Today, Sportsman’s Hall is well-known for the restaurant located in the original building.


Sierra Nevada Virtual Museum 

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California Landmarks File No. 704 State Historic Preservation Division, Sacramento, California

Reason for Investigation:  The 4-plex apartment was built in the 1980’s near the original Pollock family land.  It is rumored that a tenant once committed suicide on the property. This is unconfirmed, though. Immediately upon moving into the apartment, the client felt like she was being watched.  “Psst”, was heard on occasion the shower.  And a hair gel bottle floated through the air in front of a resident.  After years of ignoring this activity, it became more frequent and disrupted the renters sleep.  In her bedroom she heard laughing.  Her computer or printer would pop on without being touched.  While awake on the floor, water was splashed on her.  The front door knobs downstairs began shaking on more than one occurrence. If that isn’t enough, a tap has been felt on the resident’s right shoulder when doing the dishes on several occasions.

The Investigation:  The team arrived at 7:30 pm and began setting up equipment.  The team sensitives were given no information prior to the investigation.  Each member paired up and took photographs with a variety of digital cameras, EMF readings, temperature readings, and EVP sessions.  Dowsing rods were used with the EVP sessions to explore possible recorded answers that matched the dowsing rods.  During the first EVP session a class A EVP was recorded with Ann reacting to what was not heard until the recording was played back. The EVP recording is heard on all three recorders that were on in the room, but loudest was next to Ann.  The other EVP finding from this session is growling heard on all three recorders.  After the session all members complained of somatic symptoms like headache, itching, and an upset stomach.  Photographs revealed a possible orb in the window.  EMF was slightly elevated.

Following a break outside, the team began another EVP session in a different area of the apartment.  On EVP there are words heard.  Nothing significant registered on EMF, photography, or temperature.

At different times in the evening and on the preliminary investigation the team walked in pairs

around the property.  Photographs revealed on occasion lots of stuff in the air and then nothing at all when taken back to back.  Dave took an outside picture of an orb that resembled a blood moon.  It was very different than any other possible orbs outside or inside.   Also worth noting, the team went through batteries very rapidly.  And various equipment malfunctioned and the computer would not stay on at all until leaving the property.   We all know equipment can malfunction, but all returned to operational status upon returning home.  Ann’s EVP recorder turned on by without being touched and began erasing on its own.   Video recorders and cameras turned off and on without any help.  Flashlights with new batteries went dead, repeatedly.  The resident did ask the team to bless the residence and we did so via Native American and Native Hawaiian culture.


Unedited:  This was picked up on all three recorders, but not heard during the investigation.

This is barely below human range and is not human in origin.

This Growling and phrase voice similar to Ann, but is spoken well below human range. 

Only amplified, this is a short phrase below human range.

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