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Sacramento Residence Gas Leak

Sacramento, CA

This is the investigation that would have been in the news the next day as "Family killed in gas explosion".  Thankfully, we did come out immediately for this urgent investigation request.  While we did notice some unexplained events, the life threatening events about to unfold were far more terrifying!

This is why we listen to our inner voice when something doesn't "feel" right.

Investigation:  Jan. 3, 2008

Location:  Sacramento, CA

Request:  The mother of this family contacted us for an urgent investigation.  I returned her call to hear the fear in her voice.  While the reports of shadows, whispers, and objects being moved didn't sound scary - it terrified her.  They had always noticed small things here and there.  Suddenly, she was now terrified of a large dark shadow that she could not explain.

In a rare event, we set up both the preliminary interview and the investigation on the same day.  As we would soon discover, it would be a life saver!

While doing the interview and setting up, the team began to notice an odor.  Ann was the sensitive of the evening and walked around outside, waiting for the preliminary interview to finish.

While waiting, she noticed both the remains of a farm house that had long fallen.  Also the back out buildings had all of their windows covered.  It felt off balance and odd.  The old chimney standing without the house also felt like an omen.

The team wanted Ann to start upstairs, but she wanted to go to the basement.

After a quick reading of the upstairs, Ann went straight to the basement.  Why she was drawn there became apparent with the smell of gas. 

Since the team arrived and had been setting up in the house, they had been searching for the source of the smell.  They had just zeroed in on the source and already mixed up soapy water when Ann walked down to the basement.  The team found the first leak and confirmed it by spraying a mixture of soap and water.  The leak immediately bubbled up.  Ann felt that there was more than one.  After a short search, she found a second leak.  The next step was to call the gas company, PG&E.

The home owners had been told that any gas sources were capped off.  They had just purchased a gas heater and were going to light it the next day.  Had any flame been lit anywhere in the basement, the explosion would have been devastating!  The gas company arrived in an hour and thanked us for calling them.  Needless to say, the family was grateful to be alive!

While the gas leak was being taken care of inside, we continued our investigation outside.

This odd mist kept appearing in certain locations around the various building.  Every single building outside had all windows boarded up and were locked.

Once we heard that PG&E had secured the leaks we packed up our things inside and called it a night.

We did asked the home owners about the boards over the windows.  They made regular trips to Mexico, and used it for storage.

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