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Amethyst - The Noble Third Eye

Birthstone:  February

Zodiac Stone:  Pisces

Amethyst was used as far back as the Egyptians in prayers for protection.  It has been carved into the scarab worn around the neck.  However it's true namesake "Not Drunk" comes from Greek mythology.  The tale of the Roman God of wine, "Bacchus" is below:

The Tale of Bacchus

Long ago, a beautiful maiden was on her way to worship at the Temple of Diana. However, she had the misfortune of crossing paths with the god of wine, Bacchus. Angered since he’d just suffered some slight, he’d vowed to take revenge on the next person he met. He spied the maid and unleashed his two guardian tigers upon her. As the great beasts bounded towards the hapless lass, the goddess Diana intervened. To spare her such a terrible fate, she turned her into a pure, clear stone.

Immediately, remorse seized Bacchus. To atone for his actions, he poured his wine over the stone, staining the crystal a deep, violet hue. And so, the maiden Amethyst lent her name to the crystal.

Physical Properties

SiO2: Silicon Dioxide

Impurities / Color: Fe3+ and irradiation

Mohs scale‎: ‎7 (and lower in impure varieties)

Crystal system: α-quartz: trigonal; β-quartz: hexagonal

Optical properties: Uniaxial (+)

Specific Gravity: 2.6 to 2.65 (macrocrystalline to microcrystalline varieties)

RI values:  1.544 - 1.553

Amethyst Basic Knowledge

All quartz stones have inherent properties of enhancement.  It is the physical impurities that create the unique color and metaphysical properties of amethyst.  Any stone can be manipulated or enhanced to alter it's appearance.  Heat and dyeing treatments are very common.  Many other alterations are possible.  Therefore, be aware of this when looking for a natural and unaltered stone.  Asking about where the stone was mined is a great start to learning the knowledge of the person selling an amethyst.  

Amethyst will vary in color from very slightly purple to deep, rich purple.  The light colors may come from anywhere!  However the deepest darkest colours occur in Uruguay.  Africa and Brazil can also produce fantastic specimens.  In the USA there are many amethyst mines that one can visit to find their own sample.

Metaphysical Properties

All quartz enhances energy.  The iron impurity that gives amethyst it's royal purple color also provides a calming quality.  Not everyone will react the same to every stone.  So it is important to never use your amethyst as an emotional crutch.  Rather, use your amethyst in addition to the outward love you display.

Amethyst helps to relieve stress and soothes irritability by getting rid of anxiety and fear.  It also helps in times of extreme grief, loss, and sadness.   It can also enhance spiritual awareness, so use it with caution.  Sometimes enhancing ones psychic abilities is not what is intended.

When meditating, Amethyst is the stone of choice for the Crown Chakra.  It's a psychic protective stone by shielding with love.  It's the great problem solver when sorting through confusion.  Peace and calmness abound when reaching a deeper level of spiritual awareness with amethyst.   It is a powerful metaphysical tool for any situation.

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