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Free Services for Local Help

What to expect from an investigation request:

  • We will conduct a preliminary interview of your case.  This is for you ask any questions you have of us.  We will have several questions for you and your household to determine the next step.
  • Your investigation has been scheduled.  Please review any instructions you have been given.  We do ask that you let us know that morning of any cancellations and not an hour prior to the investigation.  Other people could move in to your investigation slot with enough advance notice.
  • Following the investigation we will follow up with you.  This may be by phone or in person.  For a copy of any investigation information, just provide us a blank DVD.
  • Your location, personal information, and any other details you specify are confidential.  
  • You do NOT leave your residence for an investigation.  This is your home or business !  
  • Reminders for any investigation:  No candles, or perfumes.  Cover pictures of family or put away.  Large animals need to be outside, or in a room.  Please no drinking, drugs, illegal activity, or loud parties at the time of your investigation.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Louisville, KY

- coming son -

Free for Local Help

Our services for paranormal assistance are always at no charge.  This limits the distance we can go.  Our usual regions are:  Sacramento, Placerville, Elk Grove, Auburn, Woodland, Locke, and Stockton.  We are happy to go much farther if our travel and lodging are covered.


Custom Dowsing Rods


Custom Pendulums


Para Pens


Rune Sets


30 Min Reading

30 Min Pet Reading

Information on Readings:

Any donation of 50$ or more will receive a reading of 30 min.  I keep all donations public for financial transparency in support of all animals.  Please use the Contact page to reach out to me, if you choose to list your name anonymous.

Donations are accepted, but never required for local investigation requests.

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