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Alcatraz Island

As a part of the 2003 California Ghost Hunter's Conference, Dave attended a special tour of Alcatraz Island. The tour included areas of the prison not included in the regular audio tour. Participants visited areas including the de-lousing chamber, the hospital ward, the shower rooms, and the morgue, led by rangers who have experienced explainable phenomena while working in the prison.

Upon entering the hospital wing, several participants reported different phenomena, including cold spots and head pressure.  In the lock-up area of the medical wing, a conference member began to communicate with an entity at the entrance to one of the cells. The member experienced feelings of great fear being communicated by the entity. Following communication with this entity, the antendee experienced pain and bruising in her right forearm, which continued for several days afterward. Other rooms where tour participants reported unusual sensations included the dental suite and the medical shower areas. One participant reported the feeling of being pushed upon entering the powder keg room off the main chamber in the morgue, though no other person was near him.

The rangers told stories of running footsteps where no rangers or tourists could be observed, and seeing people who vanished into thin air upon closer inspection. The tour concluded following the ranger's stories and all participants returned to San Francisco.

In another visit to Alcatraz at night, Ann stood near the burned out Wardens House.  Dave's mother yells at her to take pictures, while pointing at a drop off in front of the Wardens front area.

Below are the pictures taken immediately, one after another.

No flash was used at the time of these photographs.  The below image is greatly enlarged to identify the clothing and hat on the apparition.

Below is much further editing to view hidden details of the apparition.

The heaviest locations were the library, D bloack, the hospital ward, the lighthouse by the Warden's house, and the underground tunnel / original prison.  Each of these locations seemed to echo as if the prisoners were still there.

Above in the Operating room, the feeling of incredible heaviness limited Ann's time in here.

To the right:  Is the narrow passageway between the cell blocks.  Every time we passed by here, we all felt watched.

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