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Iceland and Ice House

Sacramento, CA

When:  Feb. 25, 2006

Present:  Dave, Ann, API Members, California Haunts Members, and Iceland Staff

Reason for Investigation:

This a very old ice rink with a history of tragic accidents and death.  The owners and other late night witnesses state the presence of a man following them around to make sure they are careful.  At 4:00 am an odd fog descends upon this ice rink, unlike typical fog.  It is different from other rinks as well.  It comes quickly and goes quickly, without regard to temperature or humidity.  Several photographs taken here demonstrate large cloudy white orb/mist on one photograph and gone on the next.  Also, per regular skaters, it often feels like somebody is present with them.  They all do not like the woman’s bathroom due to the toilet water running for no apparent reason.

Also to be investigated is Sacramento's original Ice House.  The building stands adjacent to the ice rink.  There have been very serious accidents in that location, but details beyond one are not known.  The known tragedy, was when a man had is arm ripped off in the ice house.

The Investigation:

The team arrived at 5:30 pm and set up our equipment.  We began our walk through and photography.  Our sensitive, was given no information and began her walk through.  Ann began by interviewing the ice rink manager, employees, and regular skaters willing to share experiences.  The team moved next door, where the ice is made.  There were numerous reports of a man saying, “Be careful”, in this location.  Immediately, Patricia (filming for California Haunts)' experienced wild video recorder power fluctuations.  From the battery dropping to empty and back to more than her beginning power.  During this time she became nauseated and dizzy.   Also, her recorder started going in and out of

focus when standing still.  This theme occurred throughout the night in the ice rink as well by all team members. Cameras, video, and any electrical equipment fluxed erratically.  

After filming the front area, we proceeded to the rear of the building.   This area contained a six foot by six foot basement room in the middle of the floor.  Ann obtained photographs and conducted an EVP session down inside this tiny odd space.  On the recording a young girl crying is heard.   The machinery above is very loud.  Therefore,

even though EVP was obtained, the background noise makes it difficult to listen to.

Left:  Ann ventured down the narrow stairs.  She found a cramped six foot by six foot space with a very loud generator.  The feeling here was incredibly heavy.  

She also began so sense a frightened 11-13 y/o girl from the 60's huddled and crying in the corner.  She performed an EVP session, even though a very loud generator was operating.

Above:  During a time of difficulty focusing, a brilliant and colorful orb seemed to chase a skater.

After a break, the team began exploring the ice rink.  Many photographs of the same areas were taken with different cameras.  Again and again distinct orbs and mist are seen.   They illuminate brightly and are in motion at times.  Along with the orb and mist activity, are spikes in the EMF readings from 0.4 to 3.6.  While Ann found a waist high, long strip of EMF elevation over the ice, three different cameras and the video all went out of focus for about three minutes.  Also, a fog is seen on video and on the cameras.  None of the skaters or team members were able to see this mist with their eyes.  Along with it a very cold breeze was felt by various members.  Temperature fluxes were noted, but since it is an ice rink, this was discounted.   We attempted to recreate the mist, but were unsuccessful.   At various times all members felt ill or nauseated for no reason.   When we stepped outside, the feeling subsided.   There were no consistently high EMF areas to explain the nauseated feelings.  We concluded at 10:00 pm, very, very tired.

The Ice House - EVP

Unedited clip

Amplified 10 db and hiss reduction

Removal of background machine noise

The Findings:

Photography displayed various orbs of defined outlines of all sizes, color, and motion.  One near the roof is reddish and very different, but still is likely particulates in the air.   Ecto mist appears on all cameras, from different angles, during EMF spikes.  We attempted to reproduce by taking pictures while exhaling our warm breath.  It was similar, but never could produce color as seen in some.  The EMF spikes parallel the shape of the mist.  Also during these times, cameras lost focus and couldn’t refocus.  Battery fluxes were wildly changing to empty and past full.  The EVP recorded various sounds.  The most impressive being a girl whimpering in the ice house basement room.   Ann also sensed a grandfather with one arm in the ice house. Temperature readings are discounted since this is an ice rink.  She also felt the presence of a number of homeless people near the rear of the building.  Ann kept feeling that something bad was going to happen or had happened in the rear of the building between the ice rink and ice house.

Follow Up:

The owner suggested we return to witness the strange 4:00 am fog on the ice.  We have not returned, since there was a tragic fire in 2010 that destroyed the ice rink.  We fully support the family's dream of rebuilding this amazing and historic location.

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