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Stockton State Hospital

Stockton, CA

The extent of rumors and mystery that shrouds this asylum is vast.  These huge grounds have now been turned into the current Stockton Hospital, residential homes, and new streets.  The original graveyard for the patients that passed here was supposedly moved.  However, the city quickly learned that the graves remained when they dug up a section of the pavement for an improvement project.  How many unmarked graves remain to this day is unknown.

Due to the proximity of one of our clients homes to this location, they asked us to investigate the current park of the former asylum.  We agreed and walked over late at night to see if there was any similar activity as in the home.  

The above residence has NO working electric.

This was taken directly following the first picture.

The above two pictures are taken of an unoccupied home without any active power.  It is the home of the original asylum president.  Walking in this area, all in our group kept seeing black shadows dart in all directions.  The temperature was perfect, but the air was very thick and heavy.  Not one of us felt very safe.  All of us felt like we were being watched.

The reason the home owners asked us over was lights appearing, dark shadows, and the feeling of being watched by a heavy presence.  We could not deny the similarities from here to their residence in the hours after dark.

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