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Clovis Sanitarium

Clovis, CA

Now demolished, we will never forget Todd Wolf !

Investigation Date:  March 10, 2007

Location:  2604 Clovis Ave, Clovis, CA 93612

Investigators:   Dave, Ann, API team, and BAPI

History:  The original Clovis Asylum was a residence built by an Italian immigrant Todd Andriotti in the early 1900’s.  In 1942 the property was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Brashears and converted into a Sanitarium.  At some point the property was sold and converted into a nursing home.  An employee of the nursing home lives in Fresno, CA and remembers preparing meals for the patients.  Records of different patient diets and recipes were found during the investigation.

Unexplained Activity:  Some of the events recorded in the home are movement in what is known as “Mary’s” room.  Specifically, if you move her chair in a different location she will move it back.  While standing in the red room, the sounds of a full hospital ward can be heard.   If you venture down to the basement, you may feel like you are followed.  In fact, several people have stated that they have brought an unwanted male guest home with them and had to drive back to the manor to return him.   The male presents with a cigar smell, deep voice, and movement of various objects wherever he is.

Dave looks around Mary's Room

Above is the kitchen

Upstairs looking towards Mary's room

The Investigation:  BAPI contacted API for a joint overnight investigation before the rear nursing home portion was to be torn down and during construction inside the original sanitarium. We began at 7:30 pm by introducing each other’s team members. The owner, Todd Wolfe, had already opened up the building and left for the evening. 

Above is why we take two pictures in every spot, and three if possible.  To the right is the next image seconds after the first.

We ask, "Do ghosts need to potty ?"

Above: Mary's room

Right:  Ann dowsing in the basement while little lights fly around the teams feet.

Ann had to hold something because she felt off-balance.

At 8:30 pm a preliminary walk-though was finished. Michael Cline from BAPI shared events from his past overnight investigations and gave a brief history of the building. By 9:00 the team members were paired up and taking measurements, temperature readings, video, and tons of photographs. Due to many spots of broken windows from vandalism and no heat, it was an average of 57 degrees. A warm spot would have been welcomed if it was found.

At 10:00 pm the teams split up into the now torn down section of the nursing home and the original home known as Wolfe Manor for EVP. There was a lot of noise contamination from constant traffic outside. The nursing home section also had several large holes in the roof were it had collapsed. Audio here was indeterminable. The audio from the bathroom by Mary’s room had a male response clearly picked up on 2 different recorders. It was more clearly heard on the recorder farthest away from Ann, conducting the session near Mary’s room. He responded clearly to Ann’s question, “Do you like staying in this place?”


Unedited:   Ann asks, "Do you wish to remain here?"  And she gets an answer.

Well below human range, this is the amplified answer to Ann's question.

Unedited:  Ann had just paused before continuing her ghostly discourse.  A lady spirit speaks.......

Here is the amplified clip of the voice well below human range.

At 10:30 pm Ann was giving a dowsing rod demonstration in the living room just off from the kitchen.  All three present heard the metal kitchen door knob turn once and then back again.  Ann stopped and went to inspect the door knob.   However, upon walking over to the door – There was NO door knob!  She called over Michael to see for himself.

At 11:00 pm the team moved down to the basement.  It was cold, the floors were cement, and there was a musty smell to this area.  At different times various team members could see lights zipping around the room in the dark like fire flies.  Since we know glow bugs don’t live in California or during the winter, we felt it was safe to say they were not bugs glowing.  Shortly after seeing the pair of lights, a member was touched gently on the shoulder.  However, there was nobody there.  EVP was conducted with less remarkable results.  The video and cameras were unable to photograph the lights due to constant battery drain, even when new batteries were placed in the cameras.   In the future, power cords would have to be plugged in to investigate this location.

Around midnight the entire team was exhausted.  There were no more batteries left, so we all took a break while a few members left to purchase additional batteries.  This was the first investigation we have drained every single battery.  (Following the investigation, we learned that new batteries brought in the home, but not used were also dead.) 

At 12:30 am the teams rotated to new areas of the estate.  With so many rooms in the rear portion, there didn’t seem like enough time to cover all of the area.

At 1:00 am  API began to wrap up, but BAPI was going to stay the night and sleep on the floor.

Evening Highlights:  The environment of the old sanitarium alone was very creepy, especially since it was used as a haunted house in years past.  However, the last year of operation of the Andleberry Estate Haunted House, “Scream if You Can” was 2004 due to city ordinances.  Each person kept feeling the sensation of being watched in the area of the first floor stairway. While in the front sitting room, Ann and Michael from BAPI heard a non-existent door knob turn twice.  Both were a bit startled

to go and inspect the door knob they heard turning, only to find that there was NO door knob there at all.  Later, in the upstairs front bedroom near the bath tub three investigators heard the voice of a woman.  Two other investigators saw Ann respond to the voice, but could not hear anything.  The EVP session was interactive to questions.  A later EVP session in the basement was also not without unexplained audio events and bright lights seen floating by investigators.  The light was a faint roundish white glow that moved around the basement from room to room.  Just before the lights were seen, all batteries on all

video equipment and cameras went dead.  On a break on the main level, the investigators sat in the larger front room to discuss the events of the evening.  A male voice was heard, possibly with mild retardation was heard by the team.  The computers set up would not work.

Weather :

There were no solar flares, earthquakes, or

any significant weather activity the night of the investigation.

Sadly, on Nov. 16, 2014 the City of Clovis forced the demolition of Todd Wolf's property.  There are no words for the loss of this historic location.  It will be interesting to see if whatever is built on this site is also consumed by the spirits from the Asylum.

It was a privilege to be some of the first ever to properly investigate this location.  We will never forget !

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