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Private Residence

Placerville, CA

- Why we are here to help -

Even when Dave and Ann have been on a paranormal investigating break, people in need have sought us out.  This case is one of those situations.  It's also one that we brought our daughter, Alexandria, on.

After Dave conducted an extensive phone interview, he knew we needed to lend a hand to this frightened family.  The family recently laid their mother to rest.  While preparing the home for sale, unsettling things began occurring.  Dark shadows could be seen by more than one family member.  Heavy footsteps where heard when nobody was upstairs and the floor was all carpet.  Caught between feelings of grief and doing the "right" thing in selling the home, they asked for help.

Ann walked through the small two story home.  She shared her findings with the family.  They confirmed her findings and were extremely relieved.  Ann's daughter observed the entire process.  She said, "Mommy, I want to help people like you when I grow up."

The family also submitted video for review.  Upon viewing the camera location, numerous bug and spider webs accounted for the objects in the video.

For privacy, no details are available beyond what is here.

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