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Hotel Leger

Mokelumne Hill, CA

When:  May 13, 2006 and a return on Nov. 8-10, 2019

Members Present:   Dave, Ann, Mike, Kane, Jeremy, Charlotte, and Maria originally

Reason for Investigation:   Over the years multiple accounts of hearing laughter, seeing objects move, and finding things out of place has become common.  Couples staying in a certain room have left in the night fighting violently.

Hotel Leger is the original town courthouse and jail.  It also boosts California's most killings in one day at 29.  Back in the day if you went gambling in Mokelumne Hill, you were gambling with your life!

Investigation Preliminary: The team arrived at 5:00 pm and began taking in the history of the town. “It was like driving back in time”, said Ann.  Each building appears to be locked in time and unchanged.  The team entered the hotel and met the staff and owner.  As for every investigation, permission is obtained in writing from the property owner.   Also, any staff that are willing to be interviewed for the camera or participate in the investigation must sign proper releases.

Ann walked with a guide to the cemetery were Mr. Leger and his family are buried. During the walk, they listened to more town history and folklore.  Charlotte noted that upon entering the cemetery, her power dropped from full to almost empty. Mr. Leger lost his wife at the age of 27 when he was 45. He never remarried. At the grave is a tiny stone with initials L.L. on it. It is not known who is here, but normally these stones are for infants.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Dave and the second crew investigate the wine cellar.  It was the entrance to an underground tunnel.  It is adjacent to the original jail and hanging tree.  The tunnel led to the bank and brothels.  Men would hide their gold at the bank then venture into the brothel of their choice, without being seen.  

Near the beginning of Dave’s video recording a man says, “Turn it off”.  The voice does not come from anybody present.  The EVP sessions did not reveal anything of note.  Also seen in the same video is a solid orb that moves across Dave and down his chair when he stands up.

Upon entering the tunnel area, Ann felt a tingling on her right arm.  EMF showed spikes, shooting up from 0.01 to 12.0 and higher.  At one point the team watched the meter read almost 12.0 and expected something to happen because of the extreme intensity.  Nothing did occur and the meter dropped back to 0.01. 

Meanwhile, Dave’s plot to scare Kane worked. We heard him yell and had a good chuckle. Ann moved to Mr. Leger’s room for an EVP session. She closed and locked the door before starting. During the session Ann made mention of an angry woman coming down the hall. Just after Charlotte, from outside the room said, “Something is coming my way”. Her camera lost focus and battery power dropped.

The team began packing up around midnight. Charlotte and Ann went upstairs to get equipment. While standing in the hall talking, both heard two sets of footsteps coming toward them rapidly.  Both said, “Hi guys”, expecting the guys to answer.  Nobody was there! Charlotte and Ann began talking again and heard the footsteps rapidly coming closer, right up to them.  Ann had just turned to enter the room for equipment, when her tripod and camera flew up and over.  It hit the

floor, broken.  Charlotte just stood there, mouth open and eyes wide.  Ann confessed to trying to stir up some activity in Mr. Leger’s room, but did not really expect it to happen.  Both made note to never mess with Mr. George Leger.

Investigation Highlights: The most profound was the feeling of being watched in the town. Outside photographs automatically do not prove anything, but showed movement of large orbs not going the direction of the gentle breeze. In the inside pool area Dave has a brilliant, big, blue orb on his right shoulder. The

unexplained voice, a type “A” EVP is heard in the tunnel entrance. Elevated EMF readings were taken in the next room to an unexplained high of 12.0 and then dropping back to 0.01. The two gentlemen filming Ann and Dave's documentary stayed overnight in Mr. Leger’s room. They slept soundly and awoke fully rested.

Thank you so much to the staff and owners of Hotel Leger.

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