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Ghost Stories and Unexplained Encounters - Real People, Real Events

Lava River Caves

Bend, OR

The Adventure Begins:  In March of 2003 I drove through Oregon from my home in Spokane, WA to California. To break up the drive I decided to stop at a cave along the way. I enjoy spelunking and hadn't been in a while. I arrived at 9:00 a.m. and was greeted by a very elderly man. He questioned my going into the cave alone. I thought nothing of it, since I went on many solo adventures.

At the entrance a chill went through me. Not a normal chill, but I told myself, " Silly, it is a cave, duh".  For some reason the fresh batteries I just placed in the camera went dead. So I reloaded fresh ones and began my decent into pitch blackness - alone.

Now, as expected, the temperature dropped. Then I felt a cold breeze.  For some reason I

didn't feel like I was walking alone.

At this point, I was only using the flash from my camera to see were I was walking.  I was not looking at the pictures.  Honestly, I was just trying to be brave and not run out of there.  I was afraid, but had to face my fears that plagued me my whole life.  The fear of the unexplained was not going to control me any longer......So I ventured on.

The images on the left were taken right after another for the purpose of seeing were I was going.

I kept feeling a breeze and wondered were this breeze was coming from.

At one point the strange breeze went through me.

It was very emotional and confusing.  I thought I must be flippin crazy!

My batteries died for the forth time and an icy wind blew past my face.

I felt the presence of a man and two children.  He had overgrown red hair and held his baby to his chest.  His daughter was maybe age 7 with long braided black hair.  He was fleeing from Native Americans that had chased him into the cave.  

The heart breaking part was that I could feel Native American presence deep inside the cave already. 

The photographs to the right

and below were taken right after

another.  My batteries died for

the forth time and a freezing wind blew past my face.

Since I published this in 2003, others have had similar experiences in this cave with various mist pictures.  


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