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Winchester Mystery House

San Jose, CA

After the passing from William W. Winchester, Sarah moved from New Haven, CT to an 8 bedroom farmhouse in San Jose, CA.  She had become convinced that the spirits of every person killed by her late husbands rifle was out for revenge.  Most people know about the numerous seances that Sarah held in the Winchester house to define the ever evolving construction of her home.  Her need for the number 13 in every aspect was taken to her grave.  Sarah's other most beloved person was her daughter, Annie, that passed 40 days after birth of marasmus.

In August 2006 Ann and Dave visited the Winchester Mystery House. The staff where very friendly and hospitable. It was immediately clear how easily one could be lost or injured.  My first encounter was with Sarah.  She showed me that she passed peacefully in her sleep.  

Upon entering a room with a huge canopy bed, I felt a cold breeze.  I was a bit surprised with how social and pleasant Mrs.. Winchester was.  She immediately asked me to call her Sarah and that Mrs. Winchester was her husband's mother.  The tour moved fast, so Sarah raced to the next room.  It was like an adult form of ghost hide and seek.  She wanted to know if I really could "see" her.  When I found her sitting next on the left side of the fire place, she only stared.  But she still kept a close eye on an African American lady working in the kitchen.  I asked permission to take her picture.

I took numerous pictures throughout her amazing creation and sanctuary.  There was very little dust anywhere.

Each corner we rounded was filled with architectural wonder.  It seemed as if the servants that were here in life, remained working in the kitchen.  Dave learned very quickly that it was easy to get stuck in Sarah's little staircase.

So many beautiful architectural lines and elegant shapes.  Within the shapes, shadows seemed to follow us.  We felt watched along our whole journey.  

Then, on the way out, I felt a gentle good bye and an invite to return from Sarah.  This gold color I've only seen once before.  When my Aunt Caroline said goodbye at the time of her death in another state.

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