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​​​Paranormal Education Corner

Spontaneous Combustion

This began as an investigation request from the Diamond Springs Hotel in Northern CA.  While we believe this case to be arson even though it's officially ruled spontaneous combustion, It is an intriguing case study.  We learned a lot about how common spontaneous combustion is and how non-paranormal it is in many cases.


Learn about the history and use of dowsing.  Ask questions too!

Geiger Counters in Paranormal Research

Ever wonder about alternative tools to monitor EMF and potential paranormal activity?  Here is your resource!

Comprehensive EMF Guide

Learn all about EMF, what is too much,symptoms of EMF exposure,how to measure EMF, how to protect yourself, and much more.


This is for experienced investigators and beginners.  There are tidbits of knowledge that all may benefit from.  Included are history, applications, post EVP analysis, audio information, and phonic hints.

Metaphysical Gemstone Guide​

This section will have regular updates with additional gemstones, their properties, different uses, and cautions to be aware of.

More topics to come !

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