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Paranormal Photography

Dave and Ann are giving a dowsing demonstration to a 4-H group of children and their parents.  The light was not visible, but did interact with the dowsing rods.

In West Sacramento, CA at a Christmas tree lighting.  At this moment the tree was supposed to turn on, but did not.  They had no idea why the tree outside wouldn't light.  City officials kept trying and suddenly the tree light up.

The Lava River Caves in Bend, OR.  Ann stopped here on one trip back and forth from Spokane, WA to CA.  Ann walked about a mile in to this cave just after it opened for the season.  She was alone on the journey.

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Taken with no flash in front of a deep drop off at the Warden's House on Alcatraz Island after dark.  The original unedited image is in Alcatraz.  This is edited due to how dark it was.

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Taken at noon upon entering the Woodland Opera House for the first time.  No flash and a tripod were used for a series of intriguing images.  Normally Ann sees this in her mind's eye, but rarely can capture this.     

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As a rule, I usually discount any picture taken in a mirror.  They almost always can be explained away.  However, this one taken by Ann on an investigation is beyond jaw dropping.  The lady in red is the client.  The lady in black is how Ann described her long passed mother.  There were no pictures of her out at the time of investigation.

This is an additional image from the same investigation with the mirror image.  This weird blurring of some objects, while other objects are perfectly clear has only happened once before.  The

below image was at Brookdale Lodge with the now passed, Roger.  While alive, Roger stated, "I will return to Brookdale Lodge after I die to care for all the spirits here."

Great submitted image for evaluation:

Conclusion:   not paranormal as it is snowing.  Look closely and see the difference of how the snowflakes reflect from the camera light and lens.  The moving orb effect goes the same direction as other snow that has been sheltered or shielded from falling straight down.

Submitted Video

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Coming Soon !

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