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Washoe Club

Virginia City, NV

The Old Washoe Club was originally known as the Millionaire’s Club. It was built so the newly rich men of the Comstock could enjoy the pleasures of wealth, in comfort and style. Downstairs housed the saloon and food area. The back of the saloon, where the liquor is stored, also was the morgue during the long cold winters of Virginia City. The ground was often too cold and hard to dig graves in the cemetery, so the deceased were stored at the back of the Old Washoe Club until the ground thawed in the spring. This area is still used today to store liquor.

In the center of the saloon is a winding staircase which is mentioned in Ripley’s Believe it or Not. It was the main entrance to the Millionaire’s Club located upstairs on the next few floors. The club offered gambling, prostitutes, cigars and liquor to its members. The large building had one secret entrance, which was used to bring in the prostitute’s from the building next door. The two secret exits were used by those who did not want to be seen visiting the establishment.

Today, the original saloon still operates downstairs, a favorite of locals and tourists alike. But the Millionaire’s Club stands in disrepair. The current owner hopes to eventually refurbish it and rent out the rooms as offices.

That is unless the current ghostly inhabitants want to keep it the way it is. After all, it still is the Millionaire’s Club to them.

Only the boots remain as a reminder a living person once resided here.  The feeling of great sadness taints this entire room.  Breathing is heavy here.  Dave Bender had to leave at this point, unable to endure the tremendous weight.

Ann was very touched in a room upstairs, still stained in blood. A body was found there in a mummified state. The cause of death is unknown. 

Dave was unable to remain in the building due to his asthma and inability to breath upon entering.

Ann is beyond tired at this point.  She has finished an investigation at Piper's Opera House only hours before. 

The drain felt after a large investigation does not have words.  A full day of rest and sleep will go far to recharge!

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