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St. Mary's Hospital

 - Now the St. Mary's Art Center - 

Virginia City, NV

When:  July 30, 2010

Ann and Michelle helped Todd Sheets host a Nightwatcher's event here back in 2010.  Not only did we explore the St. Mary Louis Hospital, but all of Virginia City, NV.

Ann and another friend wandered around town and the cemetery prior to the evenings all night investigation.  The air was almost too still and abandoned.

The investigation of the St. Mary Louise Hospital was very interesting.  The fellow investigators attending were full of curiosity and extremely respectful of each other on both sides of the veil.  The EVP and dowsing sessions I lead were interactive and led to more questions.  Many people heard whispers in various rooms upstairs, coming from no human present.

The entire hospital was so clean that dust orbs didn't even present a problem when investigating.  Night pictures were unbelievably dark here with lights.  And when it came to rest, we slept marvelously!

The one major tragedy here, was a fire the is still evident on the railing of the upper central staircase.

Details on this event are unknown beyond local rumors and legends.

The following morning, Ann was asked to dowse behind the hospital for any possible buried artifacts.

She turned this into a lesson on dowsing for those interested.  The focus was walking on hills, but keeping the horizon parallel to the dowsing rods.

She also learned to not were shorts when dowsing in the sage brush and thistles!

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