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Locke, CA

Locke was founded after a fire destroyed most of Walnut Grove's China Town in 1915.  The river and railroad nearby, quickly established Locke as home to the laboring Chinese, since they could not buy land.

Since 1920, Locke has remained essentially unchanged.  It's the most unchanged Chinese settlement in the state of California.

Dave and Ann hosted the first haunted walking tour in Locke, CA in 2010.  

Now that we have a very sensitive young lady.  Locke is our place of choice to bring her.  She can safely explore old rooms, and spirits with little fear here.  I usually bring her in some shade of red, as a thank you to the spirits roaming.

If you decide to visit, don't arrive before 11am, as the town likes to sleep in.  Any festival here is full of color and friendly faces.  And the burgers at Al the Wops is a must to try.

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