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Bender Family Calendar

Pre-Investigation Links

Look up any recent seismic activity that may contribute to an investigation request, or investigation.

Document local weather conditions for any investigation.

Document pertinent weather alerts for any investigation.

Look up and save images of:

Solar Flares

X-Ray Flux/Proton Flux/K-Index

Space Weather Conditions

Look up any major solar events.  Document disruption of cell phones, or any major cosmic event.

It's useful to note the current moon phase the day on the investigation for some types of unexplained activity.

Use this to look up past and future moon phases.

Bender Paranormal Forms

Blank Preliminary Form

Please download a copy of our standard questionnaire before a preliminary interview.  Modify it as needed for a residence or business.

Team Investigation Forms

Please keep a copy of each form, depending on your team roll.  Other friends may need an extra.  These are also useful for jogging your memory on data collection before and during an investigation.

Consent Forms

There are two consent forms.

1)   Permission to investigate.

2)  Permission to use information on the website.  Person and place may be omitted as the signer requires!

Debunking Form

This is a massive form - do not feel obligated to fill out every line.  It's only a tool to help us offer other plausible explanations to unexplained events.  It's helped save lives of two different households for a carbon monoxide leak and a gas leak!


See the above links for environmental considerations.

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