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Diamond Springs Hotel

Shingle Springs, CA

Investigation Date:  September 29, 2006

Location:  545 Main St. Diamond Springs, CA 95619.

Contact:  Owners Amy and Moon Shim

Phone:  (530) 621-1730

Members present:  Dave, Ann, Michelle, and API members.   Filming for the API documentary; Kane and Jeremy.  Also present was Charlotte; filming for California Haunts and writing an article for the

Mountain Democrat newspaper.

Reason for Investigation:  ​From objects moving in front of customers at any time of day, to other unexplained happenings. One of the most upsetting encounters are a security video showing what the fire department ruled spontaneous combustion.  For more history and ghost stories, including first hand audio accounts, Click Here.

The Investigation:   It was already dark when the team arrived at 5:30 pm. The weather was clear, cool and without a breeze.  After a delicious dinner at the restaurant, we began our investigation by dividing into two main teams to cover this 4500 square foot, two story building.  Once a thriving hotel and later a rowdy bar, the restaurant is the only portion open today.  New owners have begun restoring the building to its glory of the past.  But with the building came with an unexpected history of startling happenings. 

At 7:30 pm team one and two went to the different upstairs sections.  Each half has it’s own access and can only be gotten to from the downstairs.  Team one conducted EVP and dowsing sessions in the living

section.   EVP did not reveal anything audible here.  Video revealed nothing unusual in this area.  Team two went to the unused portion of the old hotel.   Dense orbs, similar to the prelim photographs appeared again.  The power would not work in this portion, but is known to be in working order.  In the middle, front room mid air EMF spikes to 3.5 with a baseline average of 1.0 were noted by digital EMF and Trifield EMF in the middle of the room and near a built in closet door.   EVP sessions conducted revealed many responses to various questions addressing any entity that may be present.  Answers seemed to be female from the room with elevated EMF readings.   A male in the front room near the original upstairs door.  During the last EVP session in the front room, near the door, each member’s foot was firmly grabbed and pulled downward, during recorded answers.  Also in this part of the building, various team members felt dizzy and or sick to their stomach in the same location.

At 9:00 pm both teams took a 30 minute break and proceeded to switch upstairs areas.  After such an

intense beginning all present were very tired.  EMF readings from both teams were compared after and

showed elevations that spiked in the same areas of the EVP recordings and orbs.  During this team

members experienced a heavy feeling that is difficult to explain.  Video footage obtained by all filming did not reveal anything out of the ordinary.

It was 10:10 pm and team two had the temperature turn on and off repeatedly when near the rear both in the restaurant.  There were fresh batteries and no explanation for this.   This is the same area of the cold

breeze and dense orb seen later in the night.  Oddly, not the same booth were the man and dog has been

reported to sit.

Around 11:00 pm the groups began exploring the now closed downstairs.  The team sensitives were drawn to the area near the restrooms.  They felt dizzy when standing outside this area.  Ann was drawn outside near the base of the stairwell leading to the old portion of the original hotel.  (Upon arrival, a man dressed in dark clothes was seen when unloading the vehicle. He was not threatening in any way.)  When re-investigating, the group heard somebody walking in the grass behind the hotel.   This is recorded on the digital Olympus recorder.  However, each time the team looked for the person walking, nobody could be seen.  The steps were bipedal and distinctive.  To recreate the sound, the team ventured behind the hotel and did recreate the same sound by walking in the high, dry grass.  The only way to recreate the sound was to physically walk through the grass.

At 11:05 pm three team members smelled strong cigar smoke near a security sign and again in the

parking lot.  They said it was not sweet like a pipe, but different than any cigar they had smelled before.

Nobody was around them at the time and there was no wind.  One last dowsing session at 12:15 am, in the old section upstairs, a member left a little more awake.  For the first time during a dowsing session she was touched on her back.  The EMF spiked to 3.5 at this time as well. Readings in the hall slightly raised to 2.0.  Around 1 am, the team wrapped up and headed home.

Research Highlights:

The EVP recordings in response to questions while having our feet grabbed and firmly pushed down was

by far the most gripping. (Please pardon the pun.) Also of interest was similar EMF spikes and orbs that

occurred in the same locations and witnessed by teams.   Each team unaware of the others actions until after the investigation was complete.   Finally, the invisible man walking outside in the grass.   All three members heard and recorded the same thing.   All agree it was bi-pedal, slow, heavy, and deliberate walking of a person. Yet nobody was there.

In conclusion, we find this location to be very active with unexplained phenomena.  None of which was a

danger, but rather very strong.

Spontaneous Combustion

   View submitted video tape from the event.  

Read more on spontaneous combustion.  

         View still images from the converted video tape.

EVP Recordings

                      Listen to various edited and unedited clips from the investigation.

See the questions asked that provoked an answer.

                     Listen to other sounds recorded and heard by no person present.

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