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Private Residence

Biggs, CA

This investigation request came from a very frightened family with small children and grandparents living together.  Some of the toys were making sounds while nobody was in the room and while the children slept.  In order to look at the likely cause of PK energy (psycho-kinetic energy) creating this portion of the disturbance, it would be important to have the children present for the investigation.  However, audio recordings would not be likely with the noise of kids.  

Another area of concern was the scratching sounds in the exterior rooms of the farm house.  Our debunkers would need to climb all around the residence, including a spider filled dirt basement to look for rodent populations.

This was a fairly large older farm house, original to the Biggs, CA area.  It had seen a lot of history and devastation from fires in the past.  The area history could also play a part of this complex investigation.

Due to the distance the team had to drive and the involvement of children, the preliminary interview was done over the phone.  This left more work for the team to do at the time of the investigation.  Light was not on our side, as it became dark quickly this time of year.  The lights from the downtown area did not add a bit to our need for illumination.

As the team sensitive for the night, I began outside the dark property while others completed information gathering inside.  I found an outbuilding that had an unusually high and erratically elevated EMF level on the old lock.

Next I ventured to where a teammate was crawling around in spiders under the house.  He was not pleased, but persisted in looking at the basement for any droppings or rodent activity.  He found very little in that area.  He did find a wonderful spider infestation.

My next area was to be the inside of the massive farm house.  It felt like a soup mixture of past and present energy.  I was aware of the children to be present for me to screen.  They were full of curiosity about why we were there, but not afraid.  I use multiple ways to screen for PK, depending on the child's age.  This case as very complex with different ages of kids with PK, and child spirits also playing with the toys.  The activity was witnessed by multiple investigators.  More activity seemed to be from the children spirits, than the children awake in the next room.

Batteries were not required for the activation of the toys.  This has been seen with spirits setting off various battery operated devices.  The spirit is able to provide the energy needed to operate the electronic, much like Tesla's idea of energy frequencies.

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